Membrane keyboards

Types of tactile sensations

flat keys

The front is flat and the button has no mechanical feedback.

Embossed keys

Keys with a mechanical feel, which can be more or less soft depending on the specifications required by the end user.

Metal dome

Button with mechanical feedback thanks to the insertion of gold-plated metal domes held in place by 3m adhesive layers, guaranteeing the best performance of the electrical signal combined with the classic 'click' sensation that gives the operator maximum sensitivity with each press. The front can be either flat or with a slight relief in the key area.

Membrane keyboards

La membrane keyboard constitutes one of the largest human-machine interfaces. In addition to being reliable over time and easy to customise, it is suitable for numerous applications in a variety of sectors. It is used, for example:

  • in the construction of coffee machines;
  • in vending machines;
  • in industrial automation;
  • in the medical sector;
  • in the naval sector;
  • in the automotive sector;

They can be implemented with the insertion of LEDs, completing the wide range of membrane keypad types produced.

All our keyboards are individually tested and undergo stringent technical and visual inspection before leaving the company.

All this results in an extremely flexible, reliable, long-lasting product with a high degree of quality.

What do our membrane keyboards consist of?

The membrane keyboard consists of polyester layers assembled together using only 3M double-sided adhesive tape, which guarantees absolute reliability over time.

The back-printed polyester front guarantees longevity and resistance to cleaning agents, both chemical and external, through the use of materials that protect the print from UV rays.

By means of this assembly system, we are able to manufacture membrane keyboards guaranteeing degrees of protection such as IP65 and, if required, IP67. Our technical department directs the customer towards the degree of protection of the keyboard that best suits his needs.

Backlit membrane keyboards

We can make membrane keyboards more readable in low light conditions by backlighting them with LED or el lamp technology. 

  • LEDModern LED technology allows the colour to be varied at will with reduced consumption, guaranteeing product durability and efficiency.
  • EL LAMPThey ensure more homogeneous diffusion and absence of heat.

To complete the product, we are able to assemble our keyboards to rigid supports of different types: 

AluminiumWe are able to produce aluminium supports in various thicknesses milled to customer specifications. Different types of finishes: raw, anodised, brushed. We have the possibility of inserting pins, threads for the assembly of electronic boards. 

Plastic: we are able to produce PMMA, polycarbonate and PVC substrates in various thicknesses through laser cutting or milling according to product requirements. 

VetroniteWe have the option of supplying the keyboard on a vetronite substrate with or without metal domes on gold-plated pads by applying 3M adhesives. 

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