Capacitive keyboards

Technical Specifications

Touch sensitivity

Capacitive technology enables extremely high touch sensitivity, without the need to press the keys. This means that users can operate the keyboard with a light touch, making the user interface much more comfortable and less tiring than with conventional keyboards.


Capacitive technology is highly wear-resistant, as it does not involve mechanical components such as the springs of conventional keyboards. This means that capacitive keyboards can last much longer than conventional keyboards.


Thanks to capacitive technology, keyboards can be customised much more creatively than conventional keyboards. For example, it is possible to create backlit keys with custom colours or special shapes, or print custom designs on the keys.

Capacitive keyboards

For several years now, Pieffepi Vision has been developing the technology to make the capacitive keyboardsan innovative solution that allows the interface to be activated by simply touching the holder. Pieffepi Vision's capacitive keyboard can be made of various materials such as polycarbonate, PMMA, chemically or thermally hardened glass, and also offers IP65 and IP67 degrees of protection. The keyboard is fully customisable, with the possibility of aesthetic effects such as retractable and backlit keys, total white, total black and ghost effects. Thanks to this technology, the Pieffepi Vision capacitive keyboard offers excellent results in terms of design and reliability.

A revolution in the human-machine interface

The capacitive keyboard represents a true revolution in the human-machine interface. Thanks to its touch sensitivity, which does not require pressure to detect touch, this technology is not subject to mechanical wear and tear and its sensitivity remains virtually unchanged over time. In addition, the capacitive keyboard offers great freedom of expression in design and graphic customisation, with the possibility of impressive backlighting. Its ease of contact makes it a versatile solution suitable for various applications.

Technology, operation and benefits

The capacitive keyboard is a technology based on the constant monitoring of the electrical capacitance of the area being pressed, detected by simple touch. Capacitive switches turn touch into a panel action and the change in capacitance is read by a capacitor array placed on a panel below the keyboard surface. The capacitive keyboard can be made of materials such as polyester and polycarbonate or PMMA, offering a wide range of possibilities for the designer. The capacitive keyboard offers numerous advantages, such as robustness, durability and hygiene, as the keys are not subject to mechanical wear, have excellent resistance to drops and accidental damage, and their durability is high. temperature and pressure controlled. Our aim is to achieve the best result to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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